SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Pink Pearl Of Persia04/21/1966
The Short Circuit Case04/21/1966
Skinny Minnie01/20/1967
Fatman Strikes Again01/20/1967
The Kitchy-Koo Kaper01/20/1967
The Dirty Sinker01/20/1967
Brother Goose01/20/1967
The Chocolate Covered Diamond01/20/1967
Myron The Magician01/20/1967
Ebenezer The Freezer01/20/1967
Dig That Crazy Mountain01/20/1967
The Sonic Boomer01/20/1967
Big Ears Ernie01/20/1967
Batfink On The Rocks01/20/1967
Manhole Manny01/20/1967
The Mad Movie Maker01/20/1967
Nuts Of The Round Table01/20/1967
M P F T B R M01/31/1967
Go Fly A Bat01/31/1967
A Living Doll01/31/1967
Brain Washday02/06/1967
Spin The Batfink02/06/1967
Crime College03/01/1967
Ringading Brothers03/01/1967
Goo-Goo A Go-Go03/01/1967
Party Marty03/01/1967
Gluey Louie03/03/1967
Gloves On The Go-Go03/03/1967
Out Out Darn Spot03/03/1967
Sporty Morty03/13/1967
Bat Patrol03/13/1967
The Mark Of Zero03/13/1967
Greasy Gus03/23/1967
The Indian Taker03/23/1967
Jumping Jewelry03/30/1967
Crimes In Rhymes04/07/1967
Karate's Case04/07/1967
The Beep Bopper04/07/1967
Swami Salami04/18/1967
Hugo For Mayor04/18/1967
The Shady Shadow04/18/1967
The Human Pretzel04/24/1967
Roz The Schnozz04/24/1967
Topsy Turvy04/24/1967
The Wishbone Boner05/01/1967
Bride and Doom05/01/1967
The Kangarobot05/01/1967
The Super Trap05/12/1967
Beanstalk Jack05/12/1967
Robber Hood05/12/1967
The Kooky Chameleon05/19/1967
The Time Stopper05/19/1967
The Devilish Device05/29/1967
Gypsy James05/29/1967
Queenie Bee05/29/1967
Slow Down! Speed Up!06/01/1967
Hugo's Hoke06/01/1967
Backwards Box06/01/1967
The Rotten Rainmaker06/08/1967
Double Double Crossers06/08/1967
Yo Yo A Go Go06/14/1967
The Great Escapo06/14/1967
Napoleon Blownapart06/14/1967
Sandman Sam06/21/1967
Daniel Boom06/21/1967
Hugo the Crimefighter06/21/1967
The Thief From Baghdad06/26/1967
Unhappy Birthday06/26/1967
Bouncey Bouncey Batfink06/26/1967
Curly The Cannonball06/30/1967
Watch My Smoke06/30/1967
The Copycat Bat06/30/1967
The Mean Green Midget07/12/1967
The Atom Boom07/12/1967
The Trojan Horse Thief07/12/1967
Magneto The Magnificent07/26/1967
Buster The Ruster07/26/1967
Goldyunlocks And The Three Baers07/26/1967
The Bomber Bird08/03/1967
The Baffling Bluffs Of Hugo A Go-Go08/15/1967
Hugo Here, Hugo There08/15/1967
The Zap Sap09/12/1967
Old King Cruel09/12/1967
Ego A-Go-Go09/12/1967
Karate's Day Off09/14/1967
Victor The Predictor09/14/1967
Mike the Mimic09/28/1967
Whip Van Vinkle09/28/1967
Judy Jitsu09/28/1967
Batfink - This Is Your Life10/04/19672
Bowl Brummel10/04/1967
Tough Macduff10/04/1967
Father Time Bomb10/04/1967